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Picture/word for “arch” in the category Shapes

Hello, I noticed that in the Shapes section, the word “arch” is listed as ゆみがた and depicted as an arch that would be found in a building. However, ゆみがた is mostly used to describe an arch in geometry, as in a segment of a circle. For the picture that is currently being used, アーチis probably a better match. I think changing either the picture or the translation so that they match would help prevent confusion. Thanks!


Hi @tnish,

Thanks for playing Drops, and calling our attention to this!

We’ll double check this word / illustration, and make sure to correct it if necessary, as soon as possible!


@ The Drops Support Team

Учу японский, родной русский. Добавлю к посту выше. В той же теме по геометрическим фигурам “формы”, есть слово 凧形 , переведено оно как “ромб”, а по факту 凧形 это неправильный многоугольник, а ромб будет 菱形. Проверьте это слово тоже. Спасибо.

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