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Phonetics Incorporation + Future Apps

Hi there Drops team, I had a question about possible development projects to expand the app’s resourcefulness. As someone that studied language and phonetics during my time at college, I absolutely love the international phonetic alphabet’s versatility in representing the actual phonemes that are supposed to be produced for words within different languages.

As someone studying Korean currently after discovery on how Hangul is a phonetic based language, it’s unfortunate to see such a beautiful app not have any form of IPA incorporation but rather romanization instead (which is not helpful in any way once you realize how much superior IPA is to representing actual sound).

I would go as far to suggest there could even be an IPA language course similar to how all the language courses are for those that want to learn it, with subsections featuring diacritics, clean visuals of articulator positions, etc.

It would be easy to incorporate and I would honestly love to help out in some form of transcription. Are there any positions at the company for such an endeavor? I truly believe it would help language learners immensely.

Also, are there any plans to expand the Drops brand as a whole? Seeing as the app focuses primarily on vocabulary (thus semantics), it would be exciting to see the brand expand further into other aspects of language training such as syntax & morphology. The visual accessibility of the app has the potential to make other aspects of language just as accessible as what Drops has done for vocabulary. There could even be potential communication between the apps such as an index of vocabulary to choose from the Drops app into a hypothetical sentence making app for syntax or into a hypothetical morphology app to indicate possession, plurality, and quality markers.

I thoroughly enjoy the app you have provided for avid language learners and would love to see the brand expand! :grin:

Thanks for playing Drops @tyguy723 we’re thrilled to hear you enjoy learning words with us! Sorry for the delayed response here!

Currently, we do not have an open position in our content management team, but we do appreciate your interest and your very constructive comments! We’ll discuss your thoughts and we’ll see what we can incorporate in our future improvements.

We constantly work hard on refining and expanding the app and the Drops brand, as well. Stay tuned! :slight_smile: