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Orange Juice — 🇪🇸Zumo or 🇲🇽Jugo?

Just wanted to ask about the LatAm translation for orange juice, which is given as “zumo de naranja.” My understanding, although I’m extremely rusty on my Spanish, is that “jugo” is much more common throughout Latin America, nearly ubiquitously in Mexico, while Spaniards prefer “zumo.” Shouldn’t the Latin American version be “el jugo de naranja”?
Thanks for a wonderful product, and for your continued work on improving and adding features to it!

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Hi Cooper,

Thanks for playing Drops and sharing your thoughts with us!

We’ll double check this word with our translator / proofreader, and make sure to correct it if necessary, as soon as possible!

We appreciate you take the time to help us to refine the content in Drops!


@ The Drops Support Team

I grew up around many Texanos and Mexican-Americans and jugó is definitely used. I’ve read the explanation that zumo is used in Spain. There jugó is more like gravy. I never heard zumo before using this app so I looked it up. There are quite a few errors but and they are working on them.