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Only one possible path in "crossword" part


I’m happy I found your app and I really enjoy using it, but one little thing is bugging me. I don’t know how you call this part but I call it a crossword part, you choose letter by letter, creating some kind of path. My problem with it - only one path is possible, others are wrong. But sometimes there is other solution but you can’t choose it, because it’s not “right”. I higlighted this situation in this screenshot, I hope it help to understand this situation.



Thanks for playing Drops @Daw8ID!

Please, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed to your device!

If you still experience trouble with having two paths but only one is accepted as correct, please message us from the app’s Help section! It can help in our investigation and troubleshooting process.

I guess the word they are looking for is ‘armchair’, so no, I don’t see how you can write armchair if you use the other ‘r’.

However, there are situations like this (yes, in the latest version) where I think you could write the word using the other character: see Backpacker: translation is strange and spelling by choosing a path doesn't work correctly

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Or here (not mine): Maze puzzle improvement

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Thanks for the examples @Dom1 we’ll try to reproduce these, investigate and troubleshoot!

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Thanks, Dom1! I can see it now. It was one of the examples but I could only upload one. Here’s the one with the word “tablespoon” with shows my issue.


@Dom1 @Daw8ID please confirm if in the example situations only one of the paths is accepted as correct, not both of them.

In this “tablespoon” example situation, only one path was accepted, I’ve tried to select other letter “e” (as seen highlighted with red in the picture) but it was not possible to choose that path.

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Thanks for the confirmation @Daw8ID, we’ll definitely take a closer look at this!

Can you please send us a message directly from the app’s Help section as well? It can help in our investigation process.

@Daw8ID and @Dom1 we’ve been working on this issue.

Both paths should be accepted as correct in these cases if you don’t stop at the letter that displayed twice but continuously selecting the letters and completing the word.

If you experience something different still, please message us from the app’s Help section.

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