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No sounds any more


The sound switch in settings is off. Sliding it to on does nothing, it moves itself back to off right away.

There were sounds previous to the current update.

Using Japanese, if that is relevant. iPhone X, iOS 12.


Hi @Mat_Phillips,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for the glitch!

Please, update the app to the latest version now again, and make sure the Pronunciation is switched on in the Profile menu!

If you still have trouble with the sounds, please send us a message from the app’s Help section!


@ The Drops Support Team


Hi Gina, thanks for the reply.
There is no update currently available in the App Store, the installed app shows a version of 29.6.2

Pronunciation was indeed switched off.
If I turn on pronunciation, the sound slider turns on with it.
If pronunciation is on, and I try to turn sound off, the slider moves to off, then bounces right back to on.

I did try to reach out from within the app but couldn’t find a way to do so. I’ve taken another look and have found the ‘contact us’ button now.


Hi Mat,

Can you please try to update now, and let us know if you still experience trouble with the sounds?


@ The Drops Support Team


Hi, Still no update showing in the App Store, app still at version 29.6.2

I laughed the App Store and searched for “Drops” and discovered something though. There is an app called “Drops” by PlanB Labs OU, at version 29.6 and it shows a “GET” button, which on the iPhone means the app is not installed.
If I scroll down the results I find “Learn Japanese by Drops” (also version 29.6), same developer of course, and this app shows the “Open” button, meaning that the app is installed.

So… I have the wrong app installed?
If install the one called “Drops” will my purchase be retained, what about progress?


Hi Mat,

Sorry, that was my bad, the new version is still in the review process by Apple - it’s going to be available soon!

There’s no “wrong” Drops app. :slight_smile: We created different apps for different languages because the app store has some limitations when it comes to searching for specific languages.

If you purchase a Premium subscription on a language specific Drops app (in your case, Learn Japanese by Drops), you will have access to all the available languages within that app. There’s no need to keep multiple Drops apps on your device.

To make sure your progress is saved, please log in to Drops with email, Facebook or Google!


@ The Drops Support Team


Yup. I’m signed in on the app and it shows that progress is safe and synced.

I’ll wait for the update to appear; I’m sure it’ll work fine.

I have what I think is the single license lifetime license, so I don’t think I’d have access to the other languages anyway (besides, It’s hard enough learning one!!)

Thanks for the help.


OK, great!

Do not hesitate to get back to us if you still have issues with the sounds after the update!


@ The Drops Support Team


Version 29.7.5 available and installed, but the Pronunciation and Sound switches are still tied together.
You can have speech and sound effects, or silence.

I think previously it was possible to have no speech, but still have sound effects. I say this because I didn’t even know that the app had speech until the sounds stopped working!


Hi Mat,

Can you please confirm you hear the pronunciation fine now?

The glitch with the Pronunciation and Sound switches is going to be fixed in the next update! We appreciate your patience!


@ The Drops Support Team


Yes, pronunciation does work fine.