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No pronunciations

After recent update, no pronunciations occur. Sounds work as usual. Application restarted, iPad rebooted, but still no pronunciations. Total fail for a language program…

I have the same problem as yours… Thanks for bringing this up because I though it was due my mobile… I hope this can be fixed soon

The same thing:( How can I fix this?

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Same problem!!! Can someone help?

Same problem! It sucks!

Hey All,

So sorry for the delay of the response here, and for any inconvenience!

The good news is: we’ve identified and fixed the problem you run into.

Please, try to update Drops to the latest version on your device, open it and play for about 2 minutes, then restart the application and see if the error still occurs!

If you still experience the problem, send us a message from the app’s Help section with more information about what is happening on your end exactly, and we’ll assist you further!

Thanks a lot for your cooperation and patience on this!


@ The Drops Support Team


Thanks a lot! It was fast.:sunflower:

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