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No option to write characters

I really enjoyed the Japanese drops, which also gave me the option to write the characters with my fingers. But Hebrew Drops doesn’t have that, nor does Arabic Drops. Writing the characters really helps reinforce them in my memory. Without that option, new letters are introduced too fast. I want more reinforcement before I move onto the next letter.


Handwritten letters differ from typewritten letters so much in languages like Hebrew and Russian that I really hope Drops will introduce new lessons to teach standard handwritten alphabets.


Hi @Ruby,
Hi @AQHorse,

Thanks for playing Drops and sharing your thoughts with us!

I’m replacing this topic from Languages >> Hebrew to our Feature Requests category, so we have it listed there, and can include it to our team discussions when we talk about how to further improve Drops!

We appreciate your suggestions! :slight_smile:


@ The Drops Support Team

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