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No chance to login using VPN

I’m located in China, and have to use a VPN (Astrill VPN) service on my android phone to get google play services to work, youtube, facebook etc. I haven’t encountered this issue before with any other app on the phone before.

After trying drops, I decided to choose to get a full years subscription. I had to turn the vpn off, swith back to drops, click on the button, then switch back to the vpn and turn it on to login to my google account (I’ve got three accounts on the phone), and then just at the right moment turn off the vpn so drops would effect the subscription. It took me like 10 attempts to get it done! With the VPN on it just told me to “try again with internet”

Now, I’ve got a subscription, but drops logged itself out of the google account (it somehow still knows that I got a one years subscription), and there is no chance to login, as I can’t turn on the vpn fast enough for it to work as it did with the subscription booking process. With the VPN turned on, hitting the login button has no effect at all.

Also, with the VPN on, language sound files fail to load, only works with the VPN off.

Can you somehow tell your app to work with VPNs? There are a lot of people that can’t use the internet without VPN because certain things are blocked.

I’m stuck, can you please help me? I guess you will have to roll out an update to fix this issue.

Thanks for giving a try to Drops @mp_nemo! Sorry for any frustration!

Please, message us from the app’s Help section, referring to this thread #3555. It can help us in our troubleshooting process.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience on this!

Just tossing in my two cents. I’ve been a network engineer for over 20 years, and have run into strange VPN issues many times. The usual culprit was the MTU being set too high. Regular Ethernet uses 1500 bytes. Your VPN will add a certain amount of overhead when it creates the tunnel, so the payload needs to be less than 1500. If you don’t know the exact amount of overhead the VPN adds, you can experiment. I recall having success in a PPPoE environment with an MTU of 1452. Hope that helps.

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Well, I found a solution that works. The VPN client I use doesn’t allow to change the MTU settings, however, it offers to selectively tunnel apps.
I turned off the tunneling for drops, but left it on for the google play services, e voila, worked.

The VPN works fine on all apps that I use, just drops got an issue. It even fails to download the sound files if the VPN is on for drops. I’d still think this is a small issue easily solved for the developers. Can’t just be me running into such issues, there are a vast amount of people in China that can’t use google play without VPN.

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Thanks for adding your two cents @dontaylor2,
and thanks for sharing your workaround @mp_nemo!

We are currently working on a solution, please stay tuned and keep the app updated on your device!