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NEWS: So we’ve got some pretty exciting news to share

Hi All,

Back in 2015, we had an idea for an app that would change the way we learn languages. Rather than add game elements to a boring, traditional language course, we reversed the process and built a game that allowed learners to play their way to a new language.

We called the game Drops.

Over the past three years, Drops has boomed in popularity, a fact contributed to its gorgeous design, entertaining gameplay, but more importantly, the fact it works. Our success hasn’t gone unnoticed. Today, Google announced its favorite apps in 2018 and Drops was at the top of that list. We were recognized as the “Best App” for the year.

The Drops team is elated to have been selected and we wanted to take a moment to celebrate a very important part of this nomination—you!

We appreciate all of your reviews and the time you spend playing your way to a new language with Drops!

Thank you from
The Drops Team


You deserve it - congratulations :grinning:
A really fine App, I like to use it - and learn…


I love your app but please don’t address me as “Hey Champ”. I’m a physician and feel disrespected when called on this tone. Thanks


Sorry that non-champs like Dr Penis Picker are trying to ruin the fun for all the people who aren’t insecure. I appreciate what you’ve done with the app. Congrats on the accomplishment!


Can you look at this rash for me


@ASweetOldMan we all respect each other here, and we appreciate @Dr_Dennis_Pick’s feedback.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Are you serious? :slight_smile: With a thinking like that you will have a complicated life :confused

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How is being offended by that word choice going to “ruin the fun for all the people who aren’t insecure?”

‘Champ’ is for kids and pets. I raised an eyebrow at it, as well. I can see how someone in a professional where you are typically addressed with a certain deference, being addressed as champ by a company might feel objectionable. It’s common that people in respected positions like physicians, judges, and law enforcement are used to respect. They have complicated lives, but not because of that expectation.


Can you please add Urdu to your list? In spoken form it is similar to Hindu but in written form it is totally different.

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Phenomenal app😊 would love punjabi to be an additional language in the future

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I myself, have only recently just begun to use the app. I however can already say I’ve learned more than i had while sitting through a foreign language class in high school. A class in which I could not pay attention nor stay awake. Congratulations on your accomplishment. I do have one recommendation, would it be possible for you to add in a toggle on which puzzles the user does not want for whatever reason. To go along with that, if you could create a selection of puzzles for us to test out by toggling them on and off that would be incredible. Once again congratulations on the accomplishment and thank you for the affordable, useful app.


Hi @Crazy_Monkey,

Thanks for playing Drops, we’re thrilled to hear you like it, and really appreciate your kind words!

Please, share your suggestions in our Feature requests section here in the community, where we can see all ideas and recommendations at one place:


@ The Drops Support Team

Love the app for vocabulary, very good! But I struggle putting sentences together and have to look at other resources to learn grammar/particular rules (korean)

In the future will grammar/particles/ sentence structuring be implemented?

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Hi @Brian_Carminati,

Thanks for playing Drops, we’re happy to hear you like it!

We understand the need for sentence construction and grammar, but we built the app mainly to encourage users to learn a wide variety of words in a foreign language.

We believe, Drops is a great complementary tool as it provides a building block for learners to enhance their vocabulary.

Keep learning new words, and let us know if there’s anything else you would suggest us to improve on!


@ The Drops Support Team

I dont know if u have checked my statistics or i just recieved a simple email😅but I really love your app and im not going to give it up! Once u emailed me about some one who had learned a language in a few weeks! By that time I wished that i could do too but I live in Iran and I cant even purchase a premium account:( and if there was a way, I couldnt spend that much money! 5.83×136500×12=9549540Rial Thats half of a teacher in come in a month!
But I will be a dentist in the near future and I will buy it😅

By the way thanks for your special app.Bye

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I have recently paid for the yearly premium for Drops Spanish and today I log in the app the premium is gone… Im really rattled. Pls check this immediately…

Thanks for playing @Geonho_Bang! We’re sorry for any inconvenience!

If you still have trouble with your subscription, please check this:

If you still need assistance, please message us from the app’s Help section, and send us the receipt of your purchase!

Lol… your name is fascinating! Have you ever heard of the English word play phenomenon of Spoonerism?