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New language: music theory!

There’s lots of stuff to memorize in music theory, and while there are lots and lots of apps for the topic, especially sight reading (where you shouldn’t/couldn’t compete), the drops model of learning can be good.
For learning the names, while hearing the sound (= pronunciation°, in a way), of the modes, Ionian being the first mode, but then? Dorian, the Latin music minor scale with the big sixth step, I guess, but am not sure. So, I’d love to learn that, drop by drop. :wink:

I suggest you either let a trained musician, music professor, or other music expert work out the content, then just wait for interested musicians to join!:sunglasses:

° When I tap on a drop, I want to hear the name, eg Ionian, and then the scale, played on piano or another instrument. Same as I would hear when I finished the drop. BTW, in German we say “Der Drops ist gelutscht”, when we completed something. Drops means something else, a sweet. :candy: So that means, the sweet is sucked up. So, the drops name makes sense, even in German!:wink:


Hey @UprightBassist,

It’s so good to see you sharing great thoughts, and awesome suggestions here! :slight_smile:

I’m adding your idea to our feature requests list right now, so the team can discuss it, and we’ll see what we can do!


@ The Drops Support Team


Absolutely true! Drops would be superb for learning to read music and understand the symbols & terminology. I would certainly recommend it to my students!