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NEED ONLY 1 language

Can i have a premium payment option for only one language at a lesser price than the whole set of as now available … ??



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We’re consistently changing our pricing to make it more suitable for the different learning needs and for the ever growing content we offer. Currently there is no subscription option for 1 language only.

We announce discounts in the app time to time, so stay tuned!


@ The Drops Support Team

I second this! I only want one language, but would like the option of a lifetime membership. I wish you offered an affordable lifetime option for someone who is only interested in one language. Very disappointing to have such limited options.

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Same, i find it very dissapointing. I only want a lifetime subscription to Japanese and no other language so I dont want to pay $250 for 30 languages I will never use and only 1 language I will use. Please tell me if you plan to make a lifetime subscription for one language only so I can buy

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I was about pay a lifetime subscription for one language, however, now I’m not buying anything. I dont want or need 31 languages and I wont be paying for anything until I can buy what I need.

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Hi @poploser,
Hi @Malickus,
Hi @Nullus_Deus,

Thanks for playing Drops, and sharing your opinion with us, we appreciate your feedback!

Currently it’s not possible to purchase a specific language only. We understand your request, however adding back this option is not in the plans, at this moment. We’ll make sure to notify you if there’s any change, if you can purchase a 1 language subscription.


@ The Drops Support Team

The same. It’s not just I don’t want. I just can’t afford to pay for the whole. Please, think about it. It would help many of us. And for sure, you would earn more money like that. I’m sure i would rather pay for example 20€ for one language lifetime, than if i would like, i would buy second for the same price, and even if on the end I would buy 7 languages instead if 31 for the same price, im sure i would be glad that i did it on my way. Someday it will be to late for this decision. You are great now, but somebody can make better app, and what than? :slight_smile: If people will decide to buy some other app, they will not buy yours.

Or if you don’t want to make it that way, maybe just change the price for more real for us, grey consuments. You would earn the same money (twice cheaper, twice more consument would buy this… BUT + you are gaining twice more contendent consuments!)

Don’t believe? Make a few (for ex. 3) days with big big discount 50% for lifetime description, and than count how much you earned in these three days, and how much you are earning in average in three days.


Hi @Kaja,

Thanks for playing Drops and sharing your thoughts!

We appreciate your feedback, and we keep discussing the pricing with the team, to make language learning with our app available to everyone.

Please, stay tuned for discounts!


@ The Drops Support Team

I agree completely Kaja. The price of the lifetime is absurd considering it’s just a vocabulary app, albeit a very good one. But I can’t justify spending around $150 on that. I swear their sales would soar if they lowered that to something more reasonable ($75-ish for all, plus an option to buy individual languages). I’m holding out on buying a monthly or yearly plan in case a sale comes up on lifetime, though I have yet to see one in the past few months. The app is great, but I’m afraid the nail in the coffin for this app will be the pricing options. :confused:

I also will not spend anything until the option to buy a single language is made available. Also, I am going to disable the notifications and not visit any of the advertisers in protest. I think it would behoove you to listen to your customers. Marketing 101…

I agree, I would like to buy an lifetime sub for a single language.

There’s just no chance that I’ll learn more than 2 different languages.
German (native), English (school) and now the first “new” Language Japanese.

I’ll take the 40%off plan for a year and after this time, it will depends on the future pricing plans.

Maybe you could make a option to pay without Google and activate with a key for example.
Then it will already be cheaper for your customers :wink:

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