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Need for sentences

Joined Drops for learning basic Polish 4 weeks ago and am now really frustrated and disappointed that there are no simple sentences that would allow you to use basic phrases that can be found in any phrase book and enable you to have a simple conversation. Having subscribed I feel I shouldnt have to go onto Duo Lingo or another site for this basic need.

Dear @Frances_Eden,
I do understand your needs and frustration.
Drops is a great app to expand your vocabulary, but it is not a one-stop-shopping point to collect all you need to study a new language.
I consider it a surprisingly valuable complement to other language learning tools and techniques.
Good luck,

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@FJMP999 is correct, I’m afraid. Drops was never intended to be a one stop shop for learning a language. They fill a gap other apps do not. They do it well. It’s best they focus on it rather than trying to be everything for everyone.

If anyone has come up with sentences or short stories using primarily vocabulary from this app (and placed it online), I have not heard of it. I considered doing something like that myself, but I don’t have the imagination or grammatical knowledge to carry it out.

Dear @Aronel,
Do you master the design and development skills to create an app that just would do that based on content, feedback and imagination brought in by somebody else?
What is your native language, by the way?

@FJMP999 I do not possess those skills, either :smiley: I was thinking much less complicated, more along the lines of something on a blog or shared in the forum. My native language is English.

@Aronel My native language is Dutch and I am studying Chinese (Mandarin) on Drops.
What are you using Drops for?