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Nearly infinite time after Subscription Expired

I purchased a month subscription of the Drops app and then unsubscribed, planning to only get a month of free unlimited time. This subscription expired yesterday. I did not try to use the app until today.

When I opened the app, instead of 5 minutes of time being available, it says that there is 999:00 available. I started working on the Vocab, seeing if the timer would stop after 5 minutes and if it was just a glitch. It did not.

I practically have unlimited time in this app without having to pay for it. While this is not necessarily an issue, I do not want to exploit this app and this company by getting their service for free because of this glitch.

I want to shed some light on this issue in case it may be more wide spread than you guys may think. I certainly hope it isn’t.

I am going to attach a screenshot I took with the available time in the top right, along with a locked lesson to show that the app indeed does know that I am no longer subscribed.

I hope this issue can be fixed. I’ve already closed the app and re-opened it and the issue still persists.

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Hi @Lauren_Milne,

Thank you for playing Drops, and calling our attention to this!

It would help a lot in our investigation and troubleshooting process if you sent us a message from the app’s Help section. We’d definitely love to dig deeper into this!


@ The Drops Support Team