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Multiple Voices

Something that I really appreciate that Memrise does is that they have multiple voices for the different vocabulary and phrases. Generally they have one male and one female voice, but they also went out and recorded videos of other speakers saying those same phrases. This is good for differentiating between what is an actual pronunciation feature of the language and what is just a unique pronunciation from the speaker. Would there be any possibility of having an additional voice?


Hi Jimmy,

That’s a great suggestion! We’ll discuss it with the team, and we’ll see what we can do to have multiple voices to pronounce the words.

Keep playing Drops, and let us know if you have any other idea on how to improve the app and the content!


@ The Drops Support Team

Perfect, thanks! While I’m seeing more and more language apps include features I’ve always wanted, Drops is the language app that I didn’t know I needed that I’m now obsessed with. I’ve already recommended it to several parents of my English Language Learners in my classroom. Can’t wait to see what new features might come down the way!

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