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Mistakes on Hebrew to Russian transportations, pictures, voices

There is very much mistakes and bugs, but it isn’t easy to send reports. Sometimes app don’t show pictures, for example קופה רושמת, or wrong voice “sefer” when should be “sapar”, or wrong translation אלונקה - «носилки», not «растяжка»
But I cannot send you everything here, to forum, because it takes to much time.
Can you add report button to application, please, that will allow send fast reports about problems with transportation, voices and pictures.
Thank you.

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Hi @AirumFao,

Thanks for playing Drops! Sorry for any mistake and the delay of the response here!

We have just released a new feature, which makes it easier to report an error, directly from the app.

Please find the little flag icon in the bottom left corner after a word is introduced!


@ The Drops Support Team

It isn’t good solution because I don’t know right word when it appears. I can understand it later or somebody can talk me about that.