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Maori language lessons displaying English words (solved)

When trying to learn Maori, the words are spoken in Maori but they’re all displayed in English. Am I missing something or is that a bit broken?

that seems odd!
Here’s when I see English in the app. It displays the words briefly in English when I first encounter them. And I can tap the pictures to see the English for that picture. Like if I’m trying to match paraoa and there’s a picture of a bread loaf and a fish, if I press the bread or the fish it will tell me in English what the image represents.

We tried it again after getting more time, and it is now displaying the words in Māori as it should.

I have no idea what happened the first time, I certainly wasn’t imagining it. It was even using English when answering questions: it displayed a picture of bread and the bubbles had “bre” and “ad” in them.

But it’s fine now, so all good!