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Male vs Female context

So far I really like the concept of drops. But will all the male tourists end up being perceived as homosexual by the Thai people?

Google translate can NOT be your only source of translation.

This pic clearly shows a male speaker and the words reflect a female.

I am sure this has been asked as feature before to switch between male and female but I am asking again. Its a pretty big deal in Thai.


Hi @StevenTCramer,

Thanks for playing Drops and sharing your thoughts with us!

Currently we try to teach the more neutral, general form of words. We constantly work hard on improving the content, and we will likely get to teach two gender forms in Thai too, in the future. We also work on refining the illustrations and make them more gender neutral.

We appreciate your feedback and patience on this!


@ The Drops Support Team

English is much more gender neutral than the majority of languages, neutral language is not always possible