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Make sound volume uniform


The are two differents voices for Dutch. And it’s not the same volume at all ! So when I need to seed to change volume canstantly


Hi @xuopled,

Thanks for playing Drops, and sharing your thoughts with us!

We can’t give you a time estimate when audio refinements will be introduced, but we constantly work hard on improving, so please stay tuned!


@ The Drops Support Team


Why is this taking so long Gina? This can be fixed within a few hours. I already offered to help out if you cannot do it yourself. We have been waiting for the same fix in the Spanish course for a few weeks now.


Hi @Dennis_Piet,

I understand how frustrating this can be, and am really sorry!

We really appreciate the offer to help, but it’s a bit more complicated to get all the audio files fixed for all the languages.

We keep working on refinements to provide you with a seamless learning experience, including the sounds, but currently we have other priorities. We’ll fix the volume issues, as soon as possible!

Thank you very much for your patience!


@ The Drops Support Team