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Love it all...except streaks

I find streaks very discouraging. I do drops every opportunity, and have been in it every day, but because I split one session in two I didnt get credit for the day despite completing it and another the following day. I would like to be able to disable streaks completely.

Hi @BengalTigger,

Thanks for playing Drops and contacting us! We’re sorry for any glitch and inconvenience!

Can you please confirm if you got a streak for the session you did split and completed on the second day, or no streak counted at all?


@ The Drops Support Team

I just ignore streaks now, but you should be aware that streaks has the opposite effect…it is very discouraging to try to do drops as often as possible only to be reminded of the failures.

I had a similar occurrence. I did Drops on a glitchy network and the sound files didn’t load. But i was in a noisy place, so that was fine. Did the lesson, but didn’t get credit and my streak was broken. I would have thought that it would have registered in the app that the lesson was done, but it didn’t.