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Lots of small mistakes

I am a free user of this app, and I already have a basic foundation of Brazilian Portuguese, and was just wanting another way to boost my vocabulary, but it seems like this app has lots of small mistakes:

Enojado: The voice says Enjoado which is seasick, not disgusted.
o argumento: The app suggests that this means argument, as in an argument between two people. This is not what it means. This actually means an argument as in a position in a debate, or point of view.
o café latte: The voice says o café leite, which isn’t the same. If it means coffee with me, that would be o café com leite.
o chá de folhas: This means tea of leaves, not tea leaf. To say tea leaf you would say a folha de chá, or as folhas de chá for tea leaves.

These are just the ones I have found with the few lessons I’ve gone through. The worst part of this, however, is how difficult it was for me to find the words that had errors to write this post because as a free user, I cannot look at the word bank without the very annoying “Pro access only” advertisement. This app is fine in theory, but in practice, I find that I’m quickly getting over it, and will probably stick to other methods.

Hi @Joy,

Thanks for giving a try to Drops and sharing your thoughts and findings with us! We really appreciate constructive feedback!

We’ll definitely double check the content, especially the words you called our attention to, with our translator and proofreader!

Again, thank you for helping us to make Drops better!


@ The Drops Support Team