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Lot of mistakes to report in only 1 week of use! French to Thai


I wanted to write a personal msg to the admin since I guess no one else can help me with this but this feature is blocked so there we are.

I’m using to to get to know more vocabulary in thai! Sadly while using the app I noticed quite some mistakes. I feel like (although not 100% sure) the translation from French to thai is correct in thai writing. But! The romanization and the voice are not always coherent with it. It’s quite disturbing as the voice is an important part of te app - the fact that it’s always repeating is a good way to learn new words - and the pronouciation is obviously super important to learn, especially with tonal language like thai.
Some mistake are just a part of an expression missing or a different way to say the same word. But it’s illogical anyway. And sometimes it really makes no sense like the voice says leek instead of peppermint, well…
And if I’m not wrong it got even worst with the last update. Seem like you didnt fully switch old words for the new ones…

For the records, here are all the mistake i found. Just telling them in French cause I’m using the app that way.

aliments > la viande
plus d’aliments > je sers
fruits > je cueille
légumes > chou-fleur, la salade, l’oignon, le radis
faire la cuisine > le presse citron, le mixeur, la crépine, le fouet
thé et café > le temps de dégustation, le moulin à café, le café filtré, lapresse française, la tasse à emporter
encore plus sur la cuisine > le robot multi-fonctions, le moulin Ă  poivre
herbes et aromates > la menthe poivrée, la menthe, je trempe
fruits exotiques > fruit de la passion, la datte
grignotage > le sucre d’orge, là barre de céréales, l’avoine,
restaurant > l’addition, le menu, le chef

It’s quite a lot… I shouldn’t have to make you such a list but it just feels like you need help. Which is non professional and make me wonder if I can rely on your app.

Btw I paid for premium and I’m bit disappointed…

Using version 30.13.1 - downloaded on Google store.

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Hi @Marine,

Thank you for taking the time to post such a detailed feedback for us, we really appreciate it!

We immediately contact the translator / proofreader to double check the words, especially the ones you called our attention to, and correct them if necessary, as soon as possible.

We definitely want to provide you with high quality content, so you can trust our app.

Please, give us a little time to work on this, and stay tuned for the fixes! Thank you for your patience!


@ The Drops Support Team

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Hi, it’s more than 2 month now and at least the menu (English to Thai) is still weird. The writing is correct but pronunciation is something like “bad menu” instead of just “menu”. Please consider fixing this, thank you.


It seems that Drops Admin is no longer responding to posts in the Thai section.

This is a shame.

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