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Lost streak because of a bug

So, yesterday I went on the app to study Chinese. I had been given the 5 minutes you get as a freemium user. So I started to do my lesson and suddenly when the first word was introduced the time went up from 5 minutes down to 0. Naturally I couldn’t maintain my streak in the session, so I waited another 10 hours to get another 5 minutes
10 hours passed, I got another 5 minutes and the same thing happened again. So now I lost my streak and think it’s kinda unfair because I literally hadn’t had the opportunity to maintain it even though I tried. Is there any way I could have my streak restored?

Thanks for playing Drops @the_lonely_Dragon! So sorry for the glitch and inconvenience!

We were aware of this error and have released a fix already. Unfortunately, we can’t restore your streak, but if you update the app, the timer error should be gone.

If you still have run into a problem, please message us from the app’s Help section!