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Long phrase cuts off at the bottom


I like the spelling feature, especially with these long phrases that are otherwise too easy too mumble through without learning properly. However the spelling screen doesn’t seem to be able to accommodate phrases that are so long they wrap to two lines.


Hi @Marley,

Thanks for reporting this issue.
In order to help us to investigate further, can you please message us directly from the Help section in the app’s Profile menu, referring to this conversation?

Thanks for your cooperation and patience!

@ The Drops Support Team


I don’t see how to contact you through the help function.


Hi @Marley,

Please go to the Profile menu >> Help section, there you should see our FAQ and Drops knowledge base. Click on the + sign on the bottom of that page.


@ The Drops Support Team


Okay. Done. In future, do you prefer that I report errors that way?


Thanks @Marley, we’ve received your message and taking a closer look at the issue!

If you run into an error, you can report it here, but if it’s something we’ve not been aware of, we might ask you to send a message from the Help section as well, because that helps the investigation and troubleshooting process (the developers can see the version number and a few other piece of backend information that is important for them).


@ The Drops Support Team


All long phrases I have encountered in French do this as well


@Jessica_H please send us a message from the app’s Help section, along with a screenshot if possible! It can help in our investigation and troubleshooting process a lot!

Thank you!


I just sent another screenshot of a German example in the Help section. It only happens when the word or phrase is very long… but those are also the hardest to spell.