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Login with 2 devices

Hi there,

I have my Drops logged in with my subscription account, one for iPad, and one for iPhone. I found the Streak is not quite sync up between them, and missed counting my streak, if i do Mon & Tue on iPhone & Wed on iPad, it broke my streak. Would you help have a check? Thanks!

@Lorenz_So Did you logged in with the same account?

Yes i did, can i share my login email with you for checking?

Thanks for playing Drops @Lorenz_So! Thanks for trying to help @GoogleHello_001!

Currently, your progress and subscription data should sync with no problem. We still need to work on syncing the streak properly as well. We can’t give you a time estimate when refinements will be released, but please stay tuned!

This is a public forum, please do not share your login information here! If you need further assistance, please message us from the app’s Help section!

Yes thx a lot, I love Drops, keep it up!

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