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Hello everyone! I’ve been a happy Drops (iOS) subscriber for some time, and used Facebook (FB) for my login to save progress when I set that up (I don’t think there was a straight email option at the time or I would have gone with that). I now have hit some related issues and have some questions as a result.

First and primarily, I’d love to switch all my logins over to regular email for the app(s) and this site (I have shut off FB authentication across the board, and only re-enabled it briefly to try to troubleshoot all of this).

First question: Is is possible to migrate my account to a different login provider? This is the more important question for me, as I will likely delete my FB account soon.

Secondarily, today I went to check out the Scripts app on iOS, but the FB login redirects back to Drops, not Scripts.

Second question: How can I get this to work without deleting Drops?

Additionally, I came here to see if anyone else was having this issue with Scripts, and upon not finding anything, I tried to login here to post, but apparently the authentication is separate. Further, I seem to bee unable to sign up for this site using the email option. When I try, all fields will have a green checkmark, but when I hit ‘Create New Account’, I get an error message that says “Incorrect username, email or password”. Signing up with Facebook did work here, however, but that is less than ideal for the reason mentioned above.

Thank you!

iPhone X running iOS 12.1
Drops v30.2
Scripts v3.2

Hi @Kevin_Munc,

Thanks for playing Drops, and giving a try to Scripts too! Sorry for the late reply here!

To your first question: currently it’s not possible to migrate the account, which means, you would lose your progress. On the same device / platform, your subscription should work with a new login too. (So, you can log out from the Drops account you use with FB, and create a new one with a different provider. Simply log in with email or Google, like it was the first time; but keep in mind, then your progress will start over too.)

As for the second problem: we are investigating what is happening with the Scripts login process, and appreciate you called our attention to this! We’ll let you know if there’s any news on our end!

Thank you for your patience!


@ The Drops Support Team