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Logged out when no internet - offline mode worthless

I purchased the annual subscription because a) Icelandic! and b) offline mode.

However, I have been disappointed many times while trying to use drops in offline mode. If I start the app while offline, I get the “not logged in” status, and then I am subjected to the 5 minute timer and limited options for lessons. Of course I can’t log in because there’s no internet, that’s why we want offline mode.

If you are checking status at every app start then how is offline mode ever supposed to work?

Please fix this or let me know what’s I can do to prevent this from happening again.


HI @AqP,

Thanks for calling our attention to this issue.

In order to help us to investigate further, can you please message us directly from the Help section in the app’s Profile menu, referring to this conversation.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience!

@AqP Actually it may be not possible. The reason is because offline mode CANNOT save your learned history to the internet. I suggest you to use internet if you have.