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List of errors we encounter


Hello everybody, the Drops team in particular.

I like the application and it has been helping me add some everyday words to my Arabic vocabulary.

I would like to bring your attention to several entries that need to be corrected. Sometimes the written form is wrong, something the audio-recording of it, sometimes the accompanying image is not appropriate.

I have covered 239 words, and found these nine errors so far. If I may suggest, it would be nice to have a built-in option of recording an audio ourselves, or uploading an audio file. Maybe even creating our own entries that could be included in the general pool of words to learn.

Section: fruits

To pick (fruit) – أنا أختارت (ana akhtart)

This isn’t the proper word. This verb means „to choose, to select, to pick“. Even so, this form of the wrong verb is also wrong. It combines perfect and imperfect. I know Drops doesn’t have grammar in its focus, but this is just wrong.

Sentence „I pick/pluck/harvest (fruit).“ is „أنا أقطف (ana aqtifu).

Section: Buildings

Museum : The audio-recording is inaudible and wrong. The word is متحف and it is pronounced mathaf.

Café: Everything is correct, but I would suggest recording a new audio. It is drawn out and badly recorded.

Section: Weather

Snow – wrong in audio recording. It is written ثلج which is pronounced thalj. The recording says tuthlij which means “it is snowing”.

Section: pronouns

„I introduce“ – wrong word. It stands أعرف (aårifu) which means „I know“.

Section: Religion

angel – the written version of the word is good (ملاك) but the pronunciation mulāk means „owners“, not „angel“. Correct pronunciation is malāk.

Section: More relationships

sister-in-law – the image illustrates the “wife of my brother” type of sister-in-law. But the Arabic word is “the sister of my husband/wife” type of sister-in-law. Two different expressions in Arabic.

blind-date – there is a little error in the written form. It is written موعِد مدّبر and it should be موعِد مدبّر. Also, I find the expression itself doubtful. It simply means “arranged meeting”, not “blind date”.

Section: Outdoors

matches – pronunciation is good (thaqāb) but the written form is wrong. It is written تقاب when it should be ثقاب. Just one dot of difference but it matters.


ضمر topic has some problems. You see there are pronouns for two people

انتما: you two
هما: those two
But in the application instead of using these, when two people image is shown the pronouns for three or more people is shown. You show really solve this


Hi @Mirko_Dautovic,
Hi @Ercan_Er,

Thank you for playing Drops, and sending us feedback!

@Mirko_Dautovic your detailed report is highly appreciated!

We work with translators and native speaker proofreaders to refinine and update all languages we teach. We can’t give you a time estimate when the improvements will be implemented, but please stay tuned, our goal is to provide you with a seamless learning experience.

_We have released a feature, which makes it easier to report an error, directly from the app. _
Please find the little flag icon in the bottom left corner after a word is introduced.

Thank you for your patience, and all the help to make Drops better!


@ The Drops Support Team