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Lifetime account: for 1 or all languages?


I would like to upgrade the app and subscribe to a lifetime account. Is this account valid for all languages or does each language that I want to study require me to buy a new lifetime account?


Thanks for playing Drops. Each plans have 3 different tier of pricing based on the length of use. The Curious, Genius, and Polyglot can be paid on a monthly, yearly, and lifetime which are set on a difference pricing as well.
We have different levels of packs for different type of users. Here’s a quick overview so you can decide which best one suits your learning needs.

Curious - you get extra 10 minutes on top of the free 5 minutes per session
Genius - there is no time limit at all so it’s all you can eat…errr… learn :slight_smile:
Polyglot - unlimited time and access to all the languages

All the other premium benefits - no ads, access to Drops collection feature, all topics immediately unlocked, etc - are available for all membership plans!

Hope that helps you to decide, may you need more clarification, feel free to drop a line! :slight_smile:


May i ask i paid 1 year for german that means im able to use premium for 1 year , not to pay monthly again right ?



If you purchase a yearly Premium subscription, it is billed as one up-front payment for the full year at the time of subscribing.

What you see in the app is the price for one month in your currency, but the total for the yearly Premium subscription is billed at once.


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Hi admin

I bought the lifetime polyglot subscription and it’s disappeared. I now have 2 versions of drops on my phone. The old version that had my purchase won’t open. The new version has no record of my purchase and no option for polyglot anymore. I want to know what happened to my purchase.


Hi Mia Sarah,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for any glitch and inconvenience!

Please, make sure both Drops apps you have installed on your device is updated to the latest available version! If you still can’t open the one you made your purchase in, please send us a message from the other app’s Help section (in the Profile menu) and attach the receipt you originally received from Google or Apple!

We appreciate your cooperation and patience!


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I recently got a message when I opened the Drops app stating that my plan is changing (from lifetime Polyglot) to Premium and it seems as though I have recurring charges on this new plan. It might have actually said that the name of the plan is changing. I only got a glimpse. I had paid for the lifetime Polyglot plan. I do not want to have to pay monthly/annually and I do not think that I should be charged after having paid for lifetime. I also do not want to be downgraded since I paid for lifetime Polyglot. Thank you.


Hi @Daniel_Chow,

Thanks for playing Drops!

We are in the process of introducing our Premium plan, indeed. The name of your Polyglot is now Premium, but it does not affect your lifetime subscription at all. You can enjoy the same features you already purchased, with no recurring or additional charges.

Sorry for any confusion! Let us know if you have more questions!


@ The Drops Support Team

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