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Hello Drops community. So far I really love how far this application has come and already since my last critique of the app which I truly enjoy so much, Cantonese Drops has incorporated an option to select Spoken Cantonese learning as opposed to Written Cantonese learning.

I love the layout and design of this application and I’m sure small changes will be made over time to improve it even more, but for now I just want to touch on one problem I have.

There are still quite a few words where the given translations aren’t exactly correct. For instance in spoken form as a small example, the colour brown is given (zung1 sik1 棕色) where it should be (fe1 sik1 啡色).

I ask that Cantonese Drops incorporates a method for users who recognise these faults have a quick and simple way of reporting the issue from the application, instead of making a post to report the issue.

I feel this is especially important with a language like Cantonese that can be difficult to find the right translations.

Let your users help, so that those who don’t know better don’t get mislead.

Kindest Regards.

Hi Zane,

Thank you very much for your kind words, and constructive feedback!

We are working on a solution to make it easier to flag potential problems for us, and make it possible to send feedback directly from the app.

We’re also working on a major content update, including Chinese.

I can’t give you a time estimate when the updated content and the reporting feature will be available, but please stay tuned!

Our aim is definitely to provide you, language learners with high quality content, so no one gets mislead!

We appreciate your suggestions and completely agree on how important it is to have proper translation and pronunciation for all words.


@ The Drops Support Team

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I saw this and the same thing is true for French too. Most words are correct, but some are incorrect or the audio doesn’t match the conjugation or form of the word. For example the word was written as “le télécopieur” for it would say “la télécopie.” But for the most part it seems things have been correct.

Dear Gina (and Kata),

I am looking forward to the major content update for Mandarin.

The absolute number one improvement that you should make is ensuring that pinyin text is always shown. It’s extremely helpful to memorize the Chinese tones! Moreover, you should pay close attention to the color schemes and the size of the pinyin font, which is often way too small when practicing on a 5" mobile device. The screenshot below is just perfect. Let this be your guide.

Meanwhile I keep on sharing my comments with you by means of the mobile contact feature, as Kata suggested in one of her responses to me. Since about 10 days, however, I am having the impression that you blacklisted me. I know I sent you tens of comments, but that’s because I love your app and am eager to help your improve it for the sake of future learners.

Kind regards,