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Learning Kanji Explained

I believe what previous users have asked for is to learn individual Kanji’s instead of reading with Kanji. For example:

Kanji - ニ
Hiragana - に
Meaning - Two

This way the community would be able to learn the kanji that come up while learning. Also, it can be difficult to understand where the pronunciation of each kanji begins and ends. I know that there are thousands of kanji but even just a few would be helpful. Maybe the most common amongst the current vocabulary list? I understand that this would entail a lot of work on Drop’s end and I hope this clarifies the previous requests.


Hi Cristofer,

Thanks for explaining your suggestion in details!

I’ve shared your constructive feedback with the team. We constantly work on refining the content, and user comments like yours can help us a lot!

Stay tuned for future improvements! :slight_smile:


@ The Drops Support Team

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I love Drops, it brought me joy in learning Japanese. And for Kanji, it’s better to show the Hiragana same time that represent the pronunciation, so user can recognise and associate Kanji (writing) & Hiragana for pronunciation. Thanks

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