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Latest update makes writing worse

The writing part wasn’t very good before the latest update. Due to the fact that Thai is a structured language you could often just guess how to fill the next position, the other options just didn’t make sense. I use position here as you don’t select letters individually instead you have a combination of consonant, vowel, tone mark etc. But the latest updates makes it even worse, now we have a word going into one position (and doesn’t fit in)

The correct solution is the most left (water).

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Looks like a bottle to me. Water is depicted by a faucet.

The word they are looking for is water bottle (or similar). As you can see on the image I already wrote bottle and now there’s only one position left for water.

The point I’m making here is that in my perception the word water takes two positions and not only one. But thinking of it I understand that one could argue that this ำ is similar to ิ which also fits into the same position.

Obviously there wouldn’t be any confusion, if we had to type the letter, tone marks etc. one by one independently (which would also teach us how to write on a keyboard).