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Languages for Future Updates


I would like to see support for Bangla / Bengali, please!


Hello, I also would really like to learn Kurdish/kurmanci, because there is nearly no way to find good apps for that. I’m from Germany and would be very happy about some structured vocabulary to learn much easier the language of so many auf our new people


Super happy with Japanese so far. Nice to toggle with premium to explore other languages, too! I’ve already gotten 3 friends to sign up. My boyfriend is Armenian and can’t find it on most apps. Perhaps you’ll consider adding it later on :slight_smile:
Thank you!


Scottish Gaelic for me, please. It’s an endangered (and beautiful) language and I’d love it to be given some support. I’d subscribe to a paid plan if this were available.


Samoan and Tongan would be a great addition to these as well!




I’d like to see Catalan in the languages :slight_smile:



I’d like to suggest Arabic for the Scripts app (with individual, initial, medial, & final forms all included). Shukran!


I would like to study Estonian.


Here is another one who wants to study Bosnian, Croatian, or Serbian. If I learn the one, I can travel 4 countries in the Balkans.


Greek, and one of the Celtic languages (like Irish or Welsh).
Also dialect options for the Arabic course would be good (Leventine, Gulf, or Egyptian), since nobody really speaks the Overly formal Modern Standard Arabic this app uses in everyday life.


I’d like to see Welsh added too.


I just bought a subscription today to use this for French but I will definitely be a long term subscriber if Czech or Slovak were to be added as languages.



I would definitely pay if there was a Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) course available!!!


Greek,Greek,Greek!Greek, Greek Grrrreeeeeeeeekkkk


Drops is from Hungary? Maybe time for add Slovak (5,5 millions) or Czech language (10,5 millions). Maybe just czech, becouse all people from Slovakia know czech language. You can cover 16 millions people with add one language.

Kérjük szépen, add cseh vagy szlovák nyelven. :slight_smile:


I would love to see marathi as an option
My girlfriend knows the language and I’d really like to surprise her by knowing more