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Okay! I See no reason why Drops shouldn’t continue to add new languages. Greek, Romanian, Czech, Finnish, Cambodian, Lao, Persian, Urdu and many more languages I feel could be added. I hope in the long term that we will get to a point where virtually all modern languages are added.

Even if it takes a decade, I would like to see continued progress, as it’s languages which are at the core of the app. However, adding Maori before the likes of the Greek and other languages I mentioned above is just baffling. I admire it, but surely wider spoken languages should be the priority. Anyways, fingers crossed for Greek! :grin:

Also, I’m having to reinstall my app every time I want to use it. If I go away from the app for too long, it’ll white screen when I try to get back into it. Hope this gets fixed soon.


Thanks for playing Drops @Schnarfengargle123!

We are always adding new languages, and Greek has been added to our list! We can’t give you a time estimate when new languages will be introduced, but please stay tuned!

Please, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed to your device. If you still experience the white screen issue, let us know!

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Put me down for Farsi

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We’re closing this thread here and adding your request to

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