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Incorrect pinyin for 'kǒu' & unknown character for 'mén'

I’ve noticed that the character for mén/gate is different from what I learned in class. The short stroke seems wrong. It’s also not the traditional version.
I’ve checked with a Chinese friend, and she doesn’t recognize it either and even thinks that character doesn’t exist.

Also, the pinyin wéi seems incorrect for the character for mouth/entrance. The correct pinyin for that should be kǒu, no?


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Hi @Justin_Darge,

Thanks for playing Drops and calling our attention to these!

We’ll make sure to double check the characters, and correct them if necessary, as soon as possible!


@ The Drops Support Team

Hello! There are characters that are very similar, I had the same thoughts about you for the mouth word but in fact 口 and 囗 are 2 different characters, one means mouth the other means enclosure. Tricky uh? Ahah

By the way, I agree for the Gate character, it doesn’t exist :man_shrugging:


Dear Justin_Darge,
In case your Chinese friend is not around, Yellow Bridge is an excellent website to double check characters and look up how characters are composed.


Dear @Clement_Negre,
Indeed the gate character, as shown in the orange screenshot below, does not exist at all.
Consequently, I opted for hiding that word, but nonetheless it keeps on showing up in multiple choice exercises, as shown in the green image below.
Kind regards,

Dear @Tamas_Polyak,
I agree that Drops is a great app, but I hope that the customer service and development team behind this app can keep pace with all comments they receive. Ensuring a genuine and tight relationship with users that share information in communities like this pays off in the long run, but I am afraid that introducing tens of languages in a time period too short to do manage them all well, is leading to an avalanche of change requests. As such, Drops is risking to end up with the largest database of words, illustrations, articulations and translations, but being outperformed by other apps that focus on one single language.
Kind regards,

Dear @Justin_Darge,

As mentioned by @Clement_Negre in his reply, the characters for mouth and enclosure are nearly identical, as confirmed by the screenshots from Yellow Bridge below.