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Incomplete romanization

Hi there
The romanization is not really correct for Arabic. There are a lot of instances where you don’t mark the cases, the a/an, u/an, i/in at the end of words. I think it’s a very important aspect of the language. Any plans on making the romanization more accurate?

Hi @Radubradu,

Thanks for playing Drops and calling our attention to this!

There’s definitely room for improvement, and we’re working on refining the romanization! Please, stay tuned!


@ The Drops Support Team

I noticed this, too. My Dad happens to be the leader expert in this subject - really - there’s even an award in his name for his work. It actually threw me off, because I am a visual learner (why I adore this app, too, though). My brain is interpreting the romanization with more dominance than the audio. I am, however, still learning the Arabic letters. It’s working, but better romanization would make it 10/10.

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Thanks for playing Drops and sending us feedback @Eliza_Partington we appreciate it!

We keep working on improvements, please stay tuned!