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Incomplete pronunciation in Household Items exercise

The words mean ‘hair iron,’ but part of the pronunciation is missing in some exercises.

I first noticed this in the exercise where you have to match 3 pairs of words. One word was iron in Arabic and another other word is hair iron in Arabic. Hair iron includes the word for iron but the pronunciation only shows ‘iron’ but not ‘hair.’ This was confusing because there was no way to determine which word went with which picture because it only showed the pronunciation of the word for iron. I had to chose between mikwāt and mikwāt. Same word. 50/50 chance and I got it wrong :smiley: Then I saw it in the exercise seen in the screenshot. The full pronunciation is given in the word list.

Hi @Aronel,

Thanks for calling our attention to this problem!

We continuously work on improving the content, please stay tuned for refinements of the Arabic language!


@ The Drops Support Team