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"il suo" for "his" and "hers"?

“il suo” are used for “his” and “hers”.
For “hers”, it’s prounced “suo”

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Actually the whole section of pronouns is wrong. In Italian language possessive pronouns have gender and number (unlike English) and it’s not just “il suo” for everything. For example if you want to say “My father” it will be “mio padre” but “My mother” will be “mia madre” (so “My” have actually four forms which are “mia, mio, mie, miei”). Also you can’t just translate His and Her like il suo because it depends on the gender and the number of the noun following the pronoun. Maybe one way to fix this is to add gender and number describers to the translations and correct this mistake. For example “His m.s.” (masculine singular) will be “suo”, “His f.s.” (feminine singular) will be “sua” etc.
I hope drop will fix this section for Italian (and every language with grammatical gender) since people are paying and getting inaccurate lessons.

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Thanks for playing Drops and sharing your concerns and constructive comments! We have acknowledged your feedback, sorry for the delayed response!

We can’t give you a time estimate when refinements will be introduced, but we constantly work hard on improving and expanding the app and the content, so please stay tuned!

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