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If you change skill level does the vocabulary change too?

I am curious about changing the level on the languages I am learning (Arabic, French) but am afraid to delete my progress.

Does choosing beginner or intermediate change the words that are shown? Is the idea to start at the beginner level and then move on to the intermediate level once you have looked at all the vocabulary in the beginner level?

Hi @ccruzleo,

Thanks for playing Drops!

You can switch between beginner and intermediate level in the Settings anytime.

If you don’t have a Premium subscription, the Intermediate level unlocks up more topics immediately, so if you are an advanced learner, you can pick a more advanced topic.

But if you start on a Beginner level, you’ll seamlessly slip into intermediate; you can unlock the same topics over time, but you do it one by one, one after another.


@ The Drops Support Team