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"ich rufe an" wrong sound


From Hungarian to German language. At the “pronouns” topic, I found a strange thing.
The new word is “ich rufe an”, but it sounds “ich nenne”.
I checked by Google Translate, and these two have same meaning, but still strange.


In addition by “pronouns” a new word is “ich stelle … vor”, but it sounds only “ich stelle”, without “… vor”
As I know this two phrase have different meanings.


We’ll definitely double check these words, and correct them if necessary, as soon as possible!

@btimon can you please confirm which version of the app you are using? You can see the version number if you scroll down to the bottom of the app’s Profile menu.


@ The Drops Support Team


Dear @admin,

Thank you very much for your friendly answer.
I checked my app version NOW: 30.17.3

(and I checked now, these 2 phases in the word collection, and both are still wrong sound)

Best regards, Bence


Well, both words mean “I call” in English. “Ich rufe an” is “I call (on the phone)” - Hungarian felhívni. “Ich nenne (dies einen Irrtum)” is “I call (this an error)” - Hungarian hívni.
There is also “Ich rufe (von fern)” = I call (from afar).


Hi @btimon,

So sorry for the delayed response here!

Thanks for checking the version number! We’ll take a closer look at these words and make sure the audio files are correct(ed).


@ The Drops Support Team


Found it too. Looking forward to correction!
Thank you so far.


Having the same issue here. Version: 30.24.0 :smile:


Having the same issue learning German from Portuguese. Version 30.25.3