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"Ich erhöhe" – both image and translation are wrong


Dear Team,
I am active Drops user with annual subscription to learn German.

Recently I was learning “Workspace” category where Drops suggested me word “Ich erhöhe” with translation “I improve”. There are few issues with this word.

  1. Image is wrong. Typically there is a human icon for words that follow “I do something” pattern. However, this word does not have a human in the icon, and this is very misleading, because you may confuse it with noun. Could you please change the icon?

  2. Translation is wrong. If you want to say “I improve”, then maybe “Ich verbessere”? For “Ich erhöhe” the most straightforward translation would be “I raise”. Please check it with your German linguist.

Thank you.


German here,

Totally agree. Improve would be “verbessern / Ich verbessere”.