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I would like a refund please

Hello, I bought the yearly subscription but I thought it would just charge once a month since it said that it was a recurring bill. I would like a refund please. I also used the wrong card as well so it would be great if someone could work with me here.

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Thanks for giving a try to Drops, @Terra_Jackson!

What you see in the app is the price for one month in your currency, but the total for the yearly subscription is billed as one up-front payment for the full year at the time of subscribing. Sorry for any confusion and frustration!

Your payment and subscription are handled by Apple or Google, and you can manage them by following the instructions here:

https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT202039 1 (iOS, Apple)
https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481 1 (Android, Google)

You need to cancel the recurring subscription in order to avoid getting charged automatically again at the renewal date.

If you need further assistance from our end with the refund, please message us from the app’s Help section, and send us the receipt of your purchase!

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I also felt the pricing description was misleading. I was thankfully able to afford paying the yearly amount upfront but my husband and I did a double take when looking at our statement. Neither of us could recollect making a $100 pirchase and were close to reporting fraud on our account. Only when combing through every purchase did I have the face palm moment of realization that this app charged a year at once. This is the only thing I have disliked about your app, and the only reason I can not give you 5 stars in the play store. Other than that this app is fantastic!

Sorry for the confusion and the frustration this caused @waylime!

We’re thrilled to hear you find Drops fantastic, and appreciate the feedback!