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I purchased a 1 year premium and was charged all in once

I purchased 1 year premium and it was advertised that I would be charged monthly but that’s not what happened. Really disappointed cause I can’t afford to pay all at once. Feeling desceived.

Thanks for giving a try to Drops @Alexia_Andrade!

What you see in the app is the price for one month in your currency, but the total for the yearly subscription is billed as one up-front payment for the full year at the time of subscribing.

We are sorry for any confusion and inconvenience!

If you need assistance with your subscription, please message us from the app’s Help section, and send us the receipt of your purchase!

Honestly, I’d like to get my money money back!

- screenshot is removed by admin -

We’ve just sent you a direct message to your email @Alexia_Andrade, please check your inbox!

In order to protect privacy, the purchase information from your post above gets removed.

I’ve received your email, thanks a lot for your help!

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