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How to use offline mode

One of the reasons I subscribed to the premium drops was offline mode. My daily commute on the train has several long black spots.
I find offline mode does not work ideally.
For one, if I start drops when the phone is not in aeroplane mode but has a bad connection I have to wait for a Google login to timeout before I can use the app. It would be preferable if that happened in the background so I can start straight away.

Second. When I offline mode I get an error saying no sound files available.
Where is the option to cache files on my phone?

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for any glitch and inconvenience!

Can you please send us a message from the app’s Help section, referring to #424 ? We’d like to dig a bit deeper, investigate what is happening and troubleshoot, as soon as possible!

We appreciate your cooperation and patience!


@ The Drops Support Team

Hey, I seem to still have the same issue.
essentially the app is not usable to me if I can’t use it on the tube.
Has there been any progress? do I have to log in before I head into the underground? how do I make sure all the files I need for the lesson are actually downloaded before?

Sorry for the frustration @bepobepo! Please message us from the app’s Help section as we requested in the other topic, so we can investigate and troubleshoot!