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How does Drops get their translations?

I use drops quite a bit, and usually the vocab is good and correct. I’ll usually double check with a dictionary or chinese friend. I just want to know how drops gets their vocab translations? Do they use real translators or do they use dictionaries? Thanks!

We work with native speaker translators and proofreaders, @sophiajune.

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How to suggest help for new language? I can help translate and create sounds for your program for FREE.

Hi @Alyaksandr_Koshal,

Thanks for playing Drops, and offering your help!

Please, message us directly from the app’s Help section or email to support@languagedrops.com, and tell us a bit more details about how you would like to get involved. Then we can connect you with our content team, and see if a cooperation can start. :slight_smile:


@ The Drops Support Team

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