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How do you learn grammar and syntax?

I can learn words here but cannot find instructions for constructing my own sentences.

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Same question for me!

Me too! Need phrases, sentences.

Hello All,

Thanks for playing Drops!

We do understand the need for grammar and sentence construction, but we built the app mainly to encourage users to learn a wide variety of words in a foreign language.

We believe, Drops is a great complementary tool as it provides a building block for learners to enhance their vocabulary.


@ The Drops Support Team

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Drops is great for vocabulary. For grammar and syntax I use practiceportuguese.com and portuguese learningbooks.


Hi Annie,

Thank you very much for sharing your suggestions, hope it helps others who learn Portuguese! :slight_smile:


@ The Drops Support Team

I find learning a language works best if you don’t rely on just one thing. I find Duolingo, Memrise, and Lingvist to be helpful in the grammar department, and they compliment Drops because the vocabulary you learn here is repeated elsewhere.


I have to say if you compare Duolingo’s vocabulary part (which I think the best language app until now based on my experience) with Drops, the latter is miles ahead better.
Drops is more interactive, more engaging. I’m actually really willing to pay for the premium after just playing 2 5 minutes so it sucks to find out there’s actually no grammar section and it sucks more that drops doesn’t have any future vision of adding it sometime in the future. If only they will, I’ll buy now the lifetime premium membership right away.

Hope you reconsider adding grammar in the future.
Drops has so much potential.


I use drops for vocabulary and duo lingo / Google for grammar and rules.
Drops has a fantastic feel.
Right now it is entirely vocab, but that is a huge part of the challenge. Honestly, do as much drops as you can stand, then do duolingo. Thats my plan.


Clozemaster, Duolingo, Busuu, and Mondly are good apps for learning grammar and/or sentence splicing. I use them in addition to this Drops app, which is the best app for vocabulary.


I find using Duolingo and Drops together works great. Im focusing on Drops more, which means when in switch over to Duolingo I already have the vocab making the lessons there a little less daunting.

Also, a simple suggestion for learning syntax and grammar in real life applications is if you have a game, app or software you use every day that’s available in the language you’re learning, switch over to it now and then. I’ve played Assassin’s Creed 2 from start to finish about 20-30 times (it’s not that bad, it came out in 2009), so I pretty much have the loading screen messages, the HUD and even a lot of the dialogue in English memorised. I’m learning Dutch at the moment, so switched the language to that (still English dialogue, unfortunately, but with Dutch subtitles) and it’s really helping, especially with how to form sentences.


A separate app series would be interesting to see. Dialogues using the vocabulary from Drops. If you are level x in Drops, use this other app to take your understanding a step further. I’ve encountered some phrases in Drops (Arabic), some pronouns but not all, some present tense verbs, a word that takes 2 or more to express in Arabic (rain coat takes 4 words to say in arabic).

“Grammar Drops.” Arabic grammar in tiny drops. Very tiny drops!


We play TriviaCrack in different languages. It helps! (recommend buying the app because free has far too many ads)


A nice feature that could be great to implement!!!

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The reason I came here to the community was to find out if we ever got past the word by word technique, i see that the answer is no. This is no way to learn a language, not useful at all. So 5 minutes of new vocab a day is more than enough and more than one can tolerate. Even in the 5 minutes it gets boring.
There’s absolutely no reason to subscribe to this app if you intend to start speaking the language.
Add the grammar, guys.

Hindi is missing basics such as;
Days of the week
Directions such as: in, out above, below, around, next to, etc

Please add more word categories

Thank you

I can understand that this app intends to focus on only vocabulary. That is ok with me. What is not ok is that it’s missing bare basic word categories (days of week and months… not to mention the severe disproportionally high number of nouns).

I’m using Drops for building up my vocabulary and LingoDeer for grammar (it actually is good for both, grammar and vocabulary, no time limitations and free offline mode). It would be nice if this app had a grammar section with no time limit (because hey, 5 mins for grammar?!) and maybe some reading exercises.