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How About Some Verbs?

Language learners should be encouraged to use what they are learning. In order to use a language you need to know some verbs. After using Drops for a couple of months I have only been taught a handful. How can I practice what I know without verbs? Phrases like “I dip” and “I brew” and “I bake” are not exactly conversation starters.

FWIW, the common Thai word for “mint” is “สะระแหน่” which you have as “spearmint”. For “mint” you have “มินต์”. In English, “mint” is the word for the genera while “spearmint” is just a type (species) of mint. (My guess is that most Americans only know “spearmint” as a flavor of chewing gum.)

And, again, why all the silly words that will never, ever come up in common conversation in Thailand? Do I really need to know words like rosemary, lavender and catnip?

Please, remove these silly words from Drops and replace them with words that would actually be useful to someone living in or visiting Thailand.