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‘his’ and ‘hers’ are both stated ‘il suo’ and even ‘hers’ is only sound ‘suo’

Thank you very much for the beautiful app. I really enjoy using it and it makes me study every not like the other apps.

Though, I also found some bugs.
-> Italian for ‘his’ and ‘hers’ are both stated ‘il suo’ and even the audio for ‘hers’ is sound only ‘suo’. Are these words correct?
I really appreciate if you could fix them as I can not continue studying of being afraid to remember wrongly . Please kindly consider for early update for it.

It is correct in italian, although there is suo and sua . It refers to the object, which is “hers” or “his” and not to the subject who owns something. Singular only. Plural there is even a bit more…

his car = la sua macchina - because it is la macchina (feminine)
her car = la sua macchina

his brother = suo fratello - because it is il fratello (masculine)
her brother = suo fratello

his sister = sua sorella - because it is la sorella (feminine)
her sister = sua sorella

hers/his = same situation
la sua / il suo

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I see! Thank you very much.
Since my mother language is Japanese and I only study English so far, the masculine/feminine thing is always so very confusing!!!

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