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Google Account Not Syncing and making Drops unresponsive

Hi there!

I’ve had some problems with Drops recently. Before I had a white screen crash and had to reinstall the app anytime I wanted to use it. However, since the 14th of this month, my usual Google account makes the app unresponsive when I log in, and none of my learning progress synchronises. I’ve tried using another Google account and the app has no problems, but all my progress is on the other Google account that makes the app unresponsive and has rendered my account useless. I’ve tried messaging support, but have yet to be recommended a solution. I’ve had similar account sync problems in the past, last year this time when the app was relatively new. I just feel that I’m being left in the dark. I really don’t want to go through the rigmarole of restoring 600+ words for 25 languages.

Thanks for playing Drops @Schnarfengargle123!

We are still investigating the unfortunate issue you experienced, and we’ll keep you updated in the help request you submitted from the app.