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German, when the "wordsnake" is too long freezing

When the task is: find the word snake in a “randomized letter matrix”. So in that case, when the word or the phrase is long, the app is freezing very usually (almost every time) The time counter is going on, but no reaction. Even I try to drag with one movement, or I try to step-by-step, and I choose every single letter separately.
At this moment I don’t know, over how many letters generate this. I will observe.

@btimon, can you please send us a message directly from the app, by clicking on Help in the Profile menu? It could help us to investigate and troubleshoot!

If it’s possible, attaching a screenrecording to your message would be really useful too, so we can see exactly what you see!


@ The Drops Support Team

Dear Gina, Dear Support

Thank you very much for answering.
Okay, I made 2 screenshots, when I experienced this problem.
I sent both of it directly from the app.
(Well, I have more Drops, and I don’t which application generated the problem. So I chose one of my Drops)

Best regards