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Genius lifetime upgrade changed?

Hi, I originally purchased a genius lifetime upgrade for one language but I’ve had a message to state that I’m being upgraded to a monthky charge for all languages?

I don’t want to upgrade and be charged extra. I purchased a lifetime membership for one language because I didn’t want to have the monthly charge. Please advise how I can stop this from happening but keep my original one off payment (already paid) for lifetime membership.

Hi @Tetsua,

Thanks for playing Drops! We’re sorry for any confusion and inconvenience!

We are in the process of introducing our new subscription option, Premium.

For you, as a Genius lifetime subscriber, it means that you will have unlimited access to all languages, and we’ll soon be changing the name of your plan to Premium - but everything else will stay exactly same. No extra charges will be applied!

Let us know if you have more questions!


@ The Drops Support Team

Firstly, I would like to thank the Drops team for making and maintaining such a great app.
My issue is that I recently got a message when I opened the Drops app stating that my plan is changing (from lifetime Polyglot) to Premium. It seems as though I will be charged monthly on this new plan. I think the message actually said the name of the plan will change, but don’t really remember any details. I only got a glimpse of the message. I had paid for the lifetime Polyglot plan. I do not want to have to make payments and I do not think that I should be charged after having paid for lifetime. I also do not want to be downgraded since I paid for lifetime on a Polyglot plan.

*I have replied to my post with two pictures (one picture per reply). One shows that my plan Polyglot and the other is what appears after I click/tap on the word Polyglot or Your Current Plan. Thank you again. I hope to get this confusion sorted out soon. Thank You!

Hi @Daniel_Chow,

Again, sorry for any confusion! I have replied to your concern in this other thread

There is no need to worry, the name of your plan changes to Premium, but everything else remains the same.


@ The Drops Support Team